Team No Virus


This is a mix of journalists, doctors, nurses, academics, health professionals:

NOTE! This page is not for an organization. This is not an "enterprise".
Inclusion here does not mean these people know each other, or are working together.

The term #TeamNoVirus is simply a shorthand to indicate MY LIST (Bill Huston) of people
who are enlightened on the the non-existence of SARS-CoV-2.

I've just had a very prominent person see her name here and essentially threaten me with legal action,
and copied two of the Senior Elders of our movement, who have NOTHING to do with this list. 🤷🤦

There are now two people who have been removed from this list who get it,
but have emotional issues or personal problems, or who have attacked other people here.
I'm looking for people who play nice with others, and whom I can enthusiastically support.

I do have two co-editors now, so this is not solely my (BH) list anymore.
Hopefully the new editors will maintain the spirit of how I envisioned this page to me.

This page is a wiki! Feel free to edit.
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Tentative New Additions. Let's welcome them!

  • Dolores Cahill — "Dr. Cahill was fully supportive of our findings and statements." — Christine Massey, 7/9/2022
  • Mike Yeadon is making positive movement


Filmmakers, Journalists and Podcasters

Very close, positive movement

  • Lee Merritt
  • Tim Truth
  • Astrid Stuckelberger
  • Paul Chek (Fitness guy)

Orgs + sites

Here's the Naughty list:

Here's the extremely naughty list:

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