Virus Pushers Against Clotshots

Virus Pushers Against Clotshots

This is the definitive list of the Gatekeepers from the so-called "Medical Freedom" or "Anti-Vax" communities, who pretend to be oppositional to the official narrative, in that they question the safety or necessity of vaccines. Sometimes they even say very strong rhetoric, that "COVID was a hoax, there never was any pandemic." (e.g., Stephen Frost, David Martin, Michael Yeadon, Dennis Rancourt). But one thing these people will never do is question whether SARS-CoV-2 exists, or whether Virology rests on a strong foundation of evidence/logic.


This list is the Hall of Shame.
There is nothing good about being included here.

Maintaining this list brings me NO JOY.
It makes me ill to maintain it.

My goal is not to defame these people.
My goal is to Find Evidence Sufficient to REMOVE THEM from this list. Evidence demonstrating that they follow the truth, practice good science including performing control experiments and validation procedures, and using sound methods, follow good sound logic, reason, and epistemology,

and examine all of the evidence on this single question (or lack thereof), and to have the courage to challenge their own assumptions, biases, preferences, prejudices, and deeply held beliefs. I want to find public statements from these people such that I can remove them from the Naughty List, and put them securely on the list of Truth and Reason.

For any attorney or medical professionals fighting various Countermeasures (mandates, passports, vaccines, lockdowns, etc) it BEHOOVES YOU to examine this question carefully, because if #TeamNoVirus is correct, this is the KILL SHOT for the entire narrative.

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Tentative Removal List

This is the best list of all. These are people who were on the Naughty List, but have chosen to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, Follow Good Logic and Reason, and have the BRAVERY to challenge their own knowledge, assumptions, and deeply held beliefs, and have ADMITTED that the proof of SARS-CoV-2 is grossly deficient, and possibly fraudulent.

Please give these people APPLAUSE and PRAISE!

No "NEW" Coronavirus
You may notice that there has been a pivot made recently. Several prominent former unabashed virus-pushers have softened their position somewhat, and have adopted the statement that there was No New (Novel) Corona Virus.

Here are a few of the people saying this now:

  • Nick Hudson
  • David Martin (among many other sometimes contradictory theories!)
  • Denis Rancourt
  • James-Lyons Weiler
  • Mike Yeadon

Let us Note Well that this is not the same thing as saying SARS-CoV-2 does not exist (it's rather easy to demonstrate it's fraudulent nature), nor is it the same as saying there are no such things as viruses (as the research of many people have shown, like Stefan Lanka, Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Mark and Sam Bailey, Christine Massey, etc).

This seems to be an attempt to find a safe middle-ground, between "casting doubt on the official narrative" and "saying SARS-CoV-2 does not exist".

And as much as I like someone like Mike Yeadon, who has taken great risks to come as far as he has, still is ultimately promoting the virus paradigm.

The Naughty List

  • Paul Alexander
  • V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai
  • Bryan Ardis
  • Abir Ballan (ThinkTwice, PANDA)
  • Richard Bartlett
  • Robert Barnes
  • Sucharit Bhakdi
  • Alex Berenson
  • Keith Berkowitz
  • Jason Bermas — REASON: Pushes Ivermectin, Lab Leaks of "Weaponized Coronoviruses".
  • Jay Bhattacharya
  • Del Bigtree
  • Thomas Binder
  • Russell Blaylock
  • Mary Talley Bowden
  • John Bowe (organizer of the "Facts Matter" conference)
  • Francis Boyle
  • Gregg Braden REASON
  • Russell Brand
  • Peter Breggin
  • Byram Bridle
  • Derrick Broze REASON
  • Anna de Buissere (CHD-affiliated virus-pushing attorney purportedly fighting COVID crimes)
  • Arne Burkhardt (now deceased, pushed "Spike Protein" nonsense. Clotshots are bad!!! Yeah, no kidding)
  • Zach Bush (unique case: promotes "passenger virus" theory similar to Duesberg)
  • Rashid Buttar. (died May 18th, 2023)
  • Helen Buyniski
  • John Campbell
  • Michael Caputo
  • Shankara Chetty
  • Igor Chudov
  • Ryan Cole
  • Vernon Coleman
  • David B Collum
  • Paul Cottrell @dr_cottrell
  • Jonathan Jay Couey
  • Clare Craig
  • Mathew Crawford
  • Ryan Cristian TLAV
  • John Cullen, aka, "John E Hoover" (youtube).
  • Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) REASON
  • Ivor Cummins
  • Johanna Deinert
  • Dan Dicks / Press for Truth
  • A Midwestern Doctor
  • Jimmy Dore
  • Kim Dotcom (Note: not really against Clotshots. Recommends Ivermectin)
  • Edward Dowd [REASON]
  • Henry Ealy (Rude attacks against #TeamNoVirus)
  • Alieta Eck (Ivermectin Pusher)
  • Erin Elizabeth (Finn)
  • Jonathan Engler (HART Group, PANData)
  • George Fareed (wrote a book on "early treatment", pushes Ivermectin)
  • Norman Fenton [REASON]
  • Patricia Finn
  • Barbara Loe Fisher (NVIC. check twitter: @NVICLoeDown, pushes "Lab Leak", "Spike Protein", and Ivermectin)
  • Tom Fitton / Judicial Watch REASON: pushes Lab Leak /GoF/bioweapons BS.
  • Catherine Austin Fitts [REASON]
  • Richard Fleming
  • Viva Frei
  • Reiner Fuellmich
  • Monica Gandhi
  • Heather Gessling REASON: Associated with The Wellness Company.
  • Marc Girardot (BS purveyor w/PANData)
  • Peter Gøtzsche
  • Simone Gold
  • Jeff Green (Substack blogger) — (unique case: promotes "passenger virus" theory similar to Duesberg)
  • Glenn Greenwald REASON
  • Josh Guetzkow REASON: Fights vaccines, but pushes fake viruses
  • Sunetra Gupta
  • Jeremy R. Hammond
  • Sabine Hazan
  • Roger Hodkinson
  • Charles Hoffe
  • Leo Hohman
  • Mary Holland
  • CJ Hopkins [REASON]
  • Brian Hooker
  • Daniel Horowitz (Conservative Review, Ivermectin Pusher)
  • Taylor Hudak [REASON]
  • Nick Hudson
  • Stella Immanuel
  • Kim Iversen
  • John Ioannidis
  • Paula Jardine (Anatomy of the sinister Covid Project)
  • Craig Pasta Jardula
  • Jefferey Jaxxen
  • Scott Jensen
  • Ron Johnson
  • Alex Jones — REASON: Pushes the idea that the fictitious virus was from a "Lab Leak/Bioweapon"
  • Kulvinder Kaur
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Aaron Kheriaty
  • Karen Kingston — REASON: She says SARS-CoV-2 is real, and is an [engineered bioweapon]. She also pushes the bogus [Snake Oil/Venom theory].
  • Steve Kirsch
  • Pierre Kory
  • Kyle Kulinski
  • Martin Kulldorff
  • Ted Kuntz (Vaccine Choice Canada)
  • James Howard Kuntzler
  • Sasha Latypova
  • Tess Lawrie
  • Matt Le Tissier @mattletiss7
  • Michael Levitt
  • Katarina "Kat" Lindley - @klveritas - former Steering Committee at the World Council for Health - globalcovidsummit,org
  • Theresa Long
  • Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) Pushes fake viruses and Ivermectin
  • Carrie Madej
  • Marty Makary
  • William Makis (pushes fake viruses and insecticide cures. Co-author of retracted Lancet paper)
  • Ahmad Malik (Says SARS-CoV-2 was engineered in a lab, but that COVID was a fake pandemic. Huh? source)
  • Aseem Malhotra
  • Robert Malone
  • Leslie Manookian — Health Freedom Defense Fund, Weston A Price Foundation, CHD, Health Freedom Idaho, vaccine injured, "Greater Good", former Wall St Banker. disappeared. Popped back up for COVID, Idaho for 10 years.
  • Paul Marik
  • Chris Martenson
  • David Martin
  • Chris Masterjohn
  • Alix Mayer
  • James Melville (@JamesMelville on Twitter)
  • Philip McMillan
  • Kevin McCairn — Winner of the Exceptional Moron Award 🏆 for how he abused Dr. Mark Bailey during a "debate" moderated by Tim Truth. Couldn't argue his way out of a wet tissue. Sent an EXTREMELY VULGAR message to Christine Massey. This man is a menace. DERANGED and DANGEROUS
  • Lee Merritt (she is making positive improvements … EDIT: But blew it with her defense of Poornima Wagh)
  • Peter McCullough
  • Kevin McKernan
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Joseph Mercola
  • Judy Mikovits
  • Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (WCH related: Ivermectin Pushers)
  • Luc Montagnier (Died February 2, 2022)
  • George Monbiot
  • Daniel Nagase
  • Pascal Najadi
  • Meryl Nass
  • Tim Noakes
  • Christiane Northrop
  • Gary Null
  • Daniel O'Connor / TrialSiteNews
  • Paul Offit
  • James O'Keefe / Project Veritas REASON:: [Promoting the idea that Pfizer is "engineering a mutated form of SARS-CoVo2"]
  • Neil Oliver
  • Matt Orfalea REASON:: [Pushes Ivermetin in his videos & on Dark Horse Podcast]
  • Larry Palevsky (unique case: promotes "passenger virus" theory similar to Duesberg)
  • Michael Palmer (Waterloo)
  • Christiana Parks
  • Rand Paul
  • Steven Pelech (claims SARS-CoV-2 was endemic before "pandemic")
  • Stew Peters
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Julie Ponesse
  • Pam Popper
  • Vinay Prasad
  • Hedley Rees
  • Tom Renz
  • Didier Raoult
  • James Roguski
  • Harvey Risch
  • Charles Rixey DRASTIC
  • Piers Robinson, PANDA
  • Joe Rogan
  • Jessica Rose
  • Jane Ruby
  • Jeffrey Sachs
  • Freddie Sayers
  • "Amazing" Polly St George ** (pseudonym) [REASON]**
  • Rob Schneider REASON: Check his twitter: @RobSchneider. He is very close to RFK Jr/CHD, appears at their events, and promotes there agenda. Pushes Ivermectin.
  • Robert W. "Bob" Sears
  • Stephanie Seneff
  • Michael P. Senger
  • Madhava Setty (Children's Health Defense's Senior Science Editor for The Defender)
  • Chris Shoemaker (WCH, Ivermectin pusher)
  • Aaron Siri
  • Nicole Sirotek
  • Spiro Skouras
  • Mobeen Syed (aka Dr. Been)
  • Dr Ah Kahn Syed (@arkmedic, aka, @jikkyleaks and MANY other aliases/sock-puppet accounts)
  • Ben Tapper (not sure, guilt by association?)
  • Sherri Tenpenny
  • Paul Thomas (pediatrician)
  • Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
  • James A. Thorp
  • Polly Tommey
  • Mark Trozzi
  • Richard Urso
  • Geert Vanden Bossche
  • Johnny Vedmore
  • Robert Verkerk
  • Elizabeth Lee Vliet
  • Harry Vox (shocking, but true)
  • Andrew Wakefield — Perhaps the original "Virus Pusher Against Clotshots"
  • Whitney Webb
  • Christian Westbrook (Ice Age Farmer)
  • James Lyons-Weiler
  • Bret Weinstein
  • Brian Wilkins (The Covid Blog)
  • Mikki Willis (filmmaker: Plandemic)
  • Knut Wittkowski
  • David Wolfe (promotes Ivermectin)
  • Tom Woods
  • Vladimir Zev Zelenko (Died:June 30, 2022)

The virus issue doesn't matter / Silent / non-committal

  • (Several others could arguably be here, but this is basically an extension of the naughty list, because these leaders should know how important this is to get right. It's literally the basis for the whole shebang.)


  • Alliance for Natural Health International (ANHI)
  • American Frontline Doctors
  • American Frontline Nurses
  • Breathe MD
  • British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD)
  • Brownstone Institute
  • Canadian COVID Care Alliance
  • Children's Health Defense
  • COVID Early Treatment Fund. (Appears to be defunct) 1 2
  • Epoch Times
  • Evidence Based Medical Consultancy (E-BMC)
  • Feds 4 Medical Freedom
  • FLCCC - Frontline Critical Care Alliance
  • Global Covid Summit (was Pandemic Health Alliance) (Kat Lindley)
  • Global Health Project (Kat Lindley)
  • HART Group
  • [ Phinance Technologies] - Edward Dowd is connected to this
  • Informed Consent Action Network
  • Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics (D4CE, and/or MD4CE— two groups)
  • National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC — funded by Virus Pusher Joseph Mercola)
  • PANDA: Pandemics Data & Analytics
  • Physicians for Informed Consent
  • Project Veritas (see James O'Keefe above)
  • Teachers for Choice
  • TrialSiteNews
  • The COVID Blog / COVID Legal USA
  • The Wellness Company (several involved in the rejected Lancet study)
  • Truth for Health Foundation
  • UK Column (generally, Patrick Henningsen is an exception)
  • Unity Project
  • Vaccine Choice Canada
  • Vaccine Safety Research Foundation
  • World Council for Health
  • WWARN (Meta-analysis of Ivermectin Safety in kids)

**Twitter Accounts: that push Fake Viruses, Fake Pandemics **

  • EthicalSkeptic
  • Jikkyleaks (and many other accounts marked with a mouse, likely aliases for Dr Ah Kahn Syed @arkmedic)
  • vigilantfox
  • TheChiefNerd
  • backtolife_2023 (Wittgenstein)
  • c_plushie
  • KanekoaTheGreat
  • KennedyBeacon
  • AmValues2024
  • CitizenFreePres
  • SpartaJustice
  • wideawake_media
  • Docs4PatientsUK
  • Iluminatibot

Here's the GOOD LIST!

Here's the extremely naughty list:

See also:

UPDATE: Origin of "Virus Pushers Against Clotshots"


With a heavy heart, I can now reveal who originated the term, "Virus Pushers Against Clotshots". It was my friend, and my greatest COVID mentor, Deborah Rose Lusignan, Debbie the Sane Progressive. 7/16/1971 - 12/9/2022 REST IN PEACE, BELOVED FRIEND

I lost contact with Debbie when she Dropped Out, Aug 2018. I had no communication with her since then, 2.5 years. Then, thanks to a coded Tweet by Claudia Stauber, I was able to get in contact with Debbie Mar 2021, just after she started Unite4Truth. We chatted for at least 6 months or so, until ~Oct 2021. I had asked Debbie for a "master class". She gave me one.

During that time, I sought Debbie for help clarifying what COVID really was. Nearly the first thing she told me was, "The most important thing to focus on is a) 'The Virus', and b) 'The Test'." I had already figured out that much. I was SO HAPPY Debbie was on the same wavelength!

But Debbie would sometimes get angry with me: "WHY are you sharing those VIRUS PUSHERS!?" But she never would tell me who she was talking about. She made me figure it out. So that's when, following my mentor's cue, I stated to evaluate every so-called COVID counterculture expert on one criterion only: Whether or not the person pushed fake viruses or not.


On Apr 15, 2022, my friend, journalist Eric Coppolino said "I want the list of virus pushers". That's when I created this Wiki.

Original statement about "Virus Pushers Against Clotshots"

PS: People are attributing "Virus Pushers Against Clotshots" to me, as I suppose I have popularized it. But I do not want to take credit for the work of another. However, the author prefers to remain anonymous. I always try to cite my sources and influences wherever possible. — BH

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